Lead Data Scientist

Ricardo Guerrero


After my time as a researcher at Universidad de Alcalá I have specialized in computer vision, however, I consider myself a fairly adaptable engineer in various fields of engineering, but with preference for the software world, both in PC and in embedded systems. I’ve always been keen on technology, especially in how to adapt it to meet my needs. Evidence of this are my various experiments with Arduino, with which I built a reverse geocaching box; Android, where I configured an underclock / overclock system to increase battery performance and I developed an app for remembering and sharing sites using pictures; and Raspberry Pi. With the latter, I’m shaping my project vAlfred 2.0, a virtual butler automation system capable of, among other things, communicate remotely via Telegram’s API. The intention is to ease human-machine interaction by incorporating a basic natural language processing using tf-idf and some clustering algorithm. One of the first utilities I’m incorporating is the behavior as a security system; for this, I am developing a software module capable of recognize and classify faces automatically and send to my mobile phone pictures of those faces which are non-present in a pre-defined access list, allowing me to make decisions in real time on any unexpected event happens in my house. Later, the idea is that vAfred will be able to interact with the lighting and temperature of my house, besides my personal agenda and my computer.

My strengths are the development and creation of algorithms and my speed of learning diverse technologies.

I am interested in develop myself in the following areas: computer vision, software for embedded systems, internet of things, machine learning and data science.

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